Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions

The Classic style is accomplished by applying ONE lash extension to ONE natural lash. If you have 80 natural lashes, the artist will only be able to apply 80 lash extensions using this technique. This is why the classic style is not recommended for those of you with thin/few natural lashes.

Classic lashes are suitable for the following client:

  • Clients that have a good amount of healthy natural lashes
  • Clients that are younger and have few gaps in their lash line
  • Clients that desire a natural/medium effect

  • Mascara look 50 lashes/eye - $160
  • Glamour look 70 lashes/eye - $190
  • Hollywood celebrity look 100+lashes/eye - $210
  • Classic eyelash fill - $90
  • Eyelash extensions removal - $60

2D-6D Volume Extensions

The Volume style is accomplished when multiple lash extensions (2-6 hairs) are hand made, on-the-spot into a fan then adhered to ONE natural lash. If you have 80 natural lashes, you can now have double, triple, or up to six times the amount of eyelashes. What makes this technique so unique is that the Volume lash extensions are EXTREMELY thin! So that the weight of these lashes is often less than or equal to the weight of a Classic eyelash extension. This is why Volume can be worn by anyone, including those of you with severely thin natural lashes.

The Volume technique is far more technically difficult to accomplish correctly than classic extensions, and requires a specific certification and training by the artist, including a very special adhesive and lash type. Before you Volume lash extension, make sure your artist has been properly trained so you will feel confident you are getting the real thing.

Volume Eyelash Extensions


  • 2D natural volume set 110-150 lashes/eye - $190
  • 3D volume set 180-290 lashes/eye - $230
  • 6D glamour volume set 300-420 lashes/eye - $270
  • Volume eyelash fill - $100
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