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Skin Camouflage

Skin Camouflage

Skin Camouflage

Skin Camouflage


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Up to 80% of the adult population has stretch marks or scars. Although there are several treatments available in the market to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars, such as laser and needling treatments, these procedures only minimally address the texture of the stretch marks and scars. As the main difference between the scars/stretch marks and healthy skin is discoloration, they usually still look obvious even after several sessions.

Our solution: Nue Conceal.

Nue Conceal is a skin tone correction treatment that is done through a tattoo procedure. Nue Conceal's revolutionary skin tone reading device reads a person's skin tone, and the Nue App then provides accurate pigment suggestions for precise color application.


Why Choose Nue Conceal

  • Nue Conceal showcases proven results time and again.

  • Nue Conceal pigments are one of the very few, if not the only, CEcertified skin tone tattoo inks in the market ensuring it's safe to use.

  • Nue's revolutionary skin tone reading device and app make it easier for Nue Artists to match the skin tone of each and every client effortlessly and accurately.

Works for:

  • Stretch Marks

  • Light Scars

  • Surgical Scars

  • Hypopigmentation

  • White Patches

Nue Conceal Frequently Asked Questions


Nue Conceal is an unparalleled solution for stretch marks, scars and hypopigmentation. Utilizing a skin tone reading device to accurately read the client's skin tone, Nue App identifies the best pigment suggestion that guarantees a perfectly colour matched result every time. This ground-breaking technology enables tattoo artists to save valuable time when selecting the right pigment as they no longer need to search through countless colour swatches.

Through our cutting-edge technology, users can now achieve flawless looking results while restoring their confidence in their appearance. In addition, each student will benefit from their own customised pigment selection tailored specifically to their unique skin tone and type with absolute accuracy. The Nue App removes any guesswork from the equation, allowing you to trust that you are receiving a perfect match every time without fail.


  • It is important to avoid sun exposure for at least 30 days after the treatment to give the skin time to heal properly. Once the treated area has fully healed, it is safe to enjoy the sun again.

  • Excessive sweating and sauna should also be avoided for a week after the treatment in order to prevent infection.

  • Adhering to the proper post-treatment regimen is essential for optimal results and faster healing. Keeping the treated area clean and hygienic is paramount; this includes washing it twice daily with Nue Antibacterial soap before applying a healing cream or oil. After washing, apply a generous amount of the Nue healing cream or oil on the affected area.

  • The healing process may take anywhere between one to three months, which is longer than when tattooing healthy parts of the skin due to it being more sensitive when working with scar tissue. - Patience and relaxation are key while waiting for complete healing.


After undergoing treatment with Nue Clear (ISR) or Nue Conceal procedure, the healing process can be quite lengthy as we are working on a damaged skin. It usually takes anywhere between one to three months for a scar tissue to heal fully, although this will depend on several factors such as age, lifestyle habits, and the location and severity of the scar or stretch marks in question.

Immediately after the treatment session is concluded, those who have undergone it may notice that the treated area becomes more swollen and red. This should subside within 24 to 48 hours, but some redness may remain visible. Eventually, this redness will progress into a brownish hue which can take up to one to three months before it disappears completely.

The speed of healing time is believed to be faster if the treated area is close to the heart as opposed to further away from it. Other factors like smoking and diet can also influence how quickly one's skin heals after undergoing scar treatment procedures. Those who want faster recovery times are advised not to smoke and limit their consumption of sweets as higher sugar levels in their bodies can potentially slow down the healing period.


When it comes to exposing stretch marks and scars to the sun, tanning without camouflage can be detrimental for their visibility. The ultraviolet rays of the sun will not cause the tones of those areas to change, resulting in them becoming more noticeable instead. Therefore, when we camouflage them, the base color of these spots is blended into the same hue as healthy skin. In this way, even if they don't tan during exposure to sunlight, they will appear less visible than if nothing had been done. When the person loses his/her tan, these camouflaged areas will remain unchanged since they were never affected by rays of light in the first place, thus providing a consistent combination with their surroundings.

Given that many people choose to include tanning on their beauty routine, it is important to consider that not all skin types react the same way under UV rays. In order to reduce visibility of stretch marks and scars while enjoying a golden complexion at the same time, camouflage tattoos can be an excellent option as they provide a naturallooking solution that complements your look. Not only do they ensure even skin tone throughout your body but also provide additional protection against further damage caused by sun exposure.


Brazilian camouflage and Nue Conceal are both forms of skin discoloration cover up. Brazilian camouflage utilizes tattoo ink to help conceal any unwanted skin discoloration, whereas Nue Conceal uses pigments especially formulated for skin tone tattooing that is made up of mineral ingredients similar to those used with semi-permanent makeup. These pigments provide a more natural effect on the skin compared to traditional tattooing methods associated with Brazilian Camouflage technique.

The main differentiator between Brazilian camouflage and Nue Conceal is the method used in colour matching. While Brazilian Camouflage relies on manual colour matching, Nue Conceal takes advantage of a revolutionary skin colour matching technology - the first of its kind. This device and technology helps simplify the task of matching colours as accurately as possible; taking out the risk of human error.

By using this device, a professional artist can get an exact match for your skin tone in three easy steps; it begins with a scan which reveals your exact complexion shade. Then you will be provided with options for depth or lightness depending on what type of coverage you need. Lastly, the color recommendation blends together multiple pigments into one solution to give you the perfect customised colour tones that work best for you; giving you complete coverage and making sure that no one will ever know where your discolored areas were!

Nue Conceal stands out among other types of camouflage because it works towards providing better protection and coverage while also delivering an incredibly natural looking finish that can last up to five years depending on individual lifestyle and DNA. It is specifically designed to be gentle against all types of skin with proper certifications to ensure safety of use!


Camouflage tattoos and inkless stretch mark revision are both types of body modifications that involve changes to the appearance of one's skin. However, there are many key differences between the two procedures.

A camouflage tattoo is a form of permanent body art in which an artist injects ink beneath the skin to hide and conceal the stretch marks. The ink may remain in the skin for a long period of time with proper care and maintenance, making it an ideal solution for those who have a big contrast between the color of he stretch marks and the surrounding skin.

On the other hand, inkless stretch mark revision is a non-invasive procedure that involves using of a tattoo machine to reduce or eliminate the appearance of stretch marks on the skin but instead of using ink to cover them up, the artists uses a stretch marks healing serum. This procedure does not involve any kind of injection and does not leave any sort of permanent mark behind; instead, it works by stimulating collagen production underneath the surface of the skin through the needling procedure while the serum helps rejuvenate the stretch marks further. This procedure is often recommended within the early stages of stretch marks as camouflage tattoo can only be done with a mature stretch marks. ISR is also best in improving the texture and the tone of the marks making it the ideal first option for stretch marks before camouflage tattoo.

Overall, while both procedures involve making changes to one's skin, they are quite different in terms of how they work and what they achieve. A camouflage tattoo is best used when someone wants a cover up and when there is a prominent skin tone contrast while stretch mark revision is best for those looking for a more natural way of treating stretch marks.


Nue clear is an ISR treatment but the serum we use is different from other ISR practitioners.

Most ISR practitioners formulate their own serum using over the counter products. Nue Clear serum uses a medical grade ingredient and is lab formulated especially developed for ISR technique.

The difference between over the counter skin care products and medical grade skin care can truly be night and day. Over the counter skin care is typically mass produced, with much higher quantities of product being dispensed than with medical grade products. Furthermore, the ingredients within these over-the-counter skin care often lack potency and have lower concentrations of active ingredients; they are also largely unregulated, meaning that companies are not held to any particular standard when it comes to their production. Moreover, over-the-counter serums are made only for topical use, they are not intended to penetrate an open wound which is the case in an ISR technique. This makes the treated area more prone to negative skin reaction and leads to less efficacy of the serum.

In comparison, medical grade products must adhere to strict regulations established by various governing bodies. These products have stringent safety standards that must be adhered to; they are also held to higher standards of purity and efficiency. Our Medical grade Nue Clear serum also contains higher concentrations of active ingredients, which makes it more effective at targeting specific concerns. The formula used is more complex and contains additional ingredients for better absorption or improved efficacy. The fact that it is lab formulated by experts also makes Nue Clear serum a safer option as it is formulated specifically to penetrate an open skin caused by the needling technique associated with ISR.

Using a medical grade ingredient also lessens the healing period of the treated area. Our earliest recorded healing time is three days to a month and half, a relatively shorter healing time compared to one to three months associated with ISR.

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