Treatment for male estrogen excess

I recently reported about the symptoms and signs of estrogen excess in men. As I mentioned in that article, there is actually more to that story, because recent science[i] has shown us that estradiol has both inhibitory and stimulatory influences on male sexual function in an intricate and dose-dependent fashion.

Let’s now look at ways to manage estrogen excess (or estrogen deficiency, which also can cause declines in sexual arousal and erectile function).

Treatment of estrogen excess

There are dietary/lifestyle and natural therapies to keep estrogen in balance with testosterone in men.

First, be aware that the following associations with increased estradiol in men where it is not needed:

  • Excess body fat. It is generally understood that estrogen is generated and stored in body fat tissue, with some varying effects depending on the location. Fat tissue contains aromatase so that testosterone can be converted into estradiol easily there.

  • In men, low levels of testosterone are associated with increased visceral fat.