Nutrition for health—not proven by clinical studies?

In this article I want to begin to share examples in my practice of valuable therapies not proven by randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled (RDBPC) clinical trials. The first is nutrition. Treatment success comes from my own clinical experience, but also the clinical experience of others, and even some large studies.

Nutrition—the science is mounting

I was recently reprimanded by a physician of the large medical group where I provide Urgent Care services. It wasn’t for prescribing antibiotics over the phone for patients with just two days of cough and cold symptoms as I witnessed this doctor did just 2 weeks ago…but it was for writing my nutrient-rich smoothie recipe in the medical record Plan section for a patient who really deserved to learn this!

Why do mainstream doctors discount nutrition’s benefit due to lack of studies? This is simply because (a) they have never really studied or been taught about nutrition’s effect on health, (b) private organizations do not want to fund studies on nutrient-rich foods since there is no financial return expected, though government studies do exist, and (c) human studies on nutrient-rich plant-based diets are difficult to adequately perform due to participant unreliability. Remember, I received one 60-minute lecture on nutrition in my entire four years of medical school training!

Let’s consider what studies we do have on nutrition and health.