Facial fine lines and wrinkles are the top three skin concerns among my patients ages 30 to 50. I’ll share what contributes to the cause of these, and ways to reverse these conditions, including key product ingredients for daily use you really must know about.  Let me first tell you how I feel about aesthetic medicine. No guilt aesthetics I practice integrative and functional medicine so my patients will feel better, reverse and prevent disease. I also provide aesthetic medicine services at the same office. Some integrative medicine-minded patients balk at my aesthetic medicine, but why? Jealousy? Fear? I believe we all feel good when we look our best.  

When departing San Diego airport this morning I was pleased to bump into my 53 y/o patient Janette, whom I treated four days ago with Xeomin (botulinum toxin A). With a beaming smile she told me about the compliments she has already received. Botox drastically evened out her left face wrinkles to match her right residual facial paralysis caused by Ramsey-Hunt Syndrome years ago. Her genuine happiness reminded me how I love aesthetic medicine.

You should know that in my office at San Diego Integrative Medicine and Spa I work across the hall from my sweet wife, Julia. Her clients rave about their results—both online  and while they are at the office. She is expert at eyelash extension and semi-permanent make-up. It only makes sense that they feel best when they can look their best. This positive energy gives momentum to live a healthy lifestyle. Wouldn’t you know that now my other (“medical”) patients are starting to catch on to aesthetics—and are loving it?

Let’s consider the causes of facial fine lines and wrinkles.

Causes of facial fine lines (rhytids) Fine lines come from a few obvious conditions: too much artificial tanning or sun damage (ultraviolet light), smoking, genetic predisposition, and advancing age. Many people just don’t even realize that taking care of their skin is important—until it is too late.

Also, there are these other contributing causes to fine lines that often get overlooked: Nutrient-poor diet: this leads to weaker skin structure or inflammation due to subtle allergies, as explained here: https://easyhealthoptions.com/allergy-of-chronic-disease/. Stress that is frequent or prolonged causes cortisol over-production by your adrenal gland. The one of the symptoms of cortisol excess is accelerated skin aging. Exposure to harmful topical ingredients (in creams and lotions) or even chronic use of prescription medications. Constipation because it promotes systemic (total body) inflammation. When stool sits inside your colon too long (healthy is two BM daily), some of the chemicals in it are absorbed back into your bloodstream through the intestinal wall called the entero-hepatic circulation process. This means that toxic water insoluble wastes in the bile, intended for elimination, can be re-absorbed back into your bloodstream.

Treatment for fine lines This starts with reversing the contributing causes. The best way to do this I know of is to go on a liquid cleanse (Lemonade Cleanse or fresh juicing), followed by consistent consumption of mostly raw, whole food nutrition. Also, seldom consumption of processed foods high in sugar or refined oil or trans fats.

Treatment of fine lines then ranges from topical cosmeceutical creams to office procedures such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections, radiofrequency, IPL (intense pulsed light), and laser—all these are at your local medical spa. Let’s start with topical creams.

Topical creams Cosmeceuticals contain powerful anti-aging and healing ingredients to make your skin smoother, softer, and younger-looking. They are classified based on their ability to improve skin appea