Estrogen excess in men

What do we know about estrogen in men? We know a lot. More than just tanking men’s testosterone levels, estrogen excess is related to other health problems. And its not just estrogen excess, but recent science[1] has shown us that estradiol has both inhibitory and stimulatory influences on male sexual function in an intricate and dose-dependent fashion. In this article let’s look at symptoms of estrogen excess in men, why it develops, and its associated health risks.

Symptoms of estrogen excess in men

Andropause is the common condition in men in which natural testosterone levels drop too fast as we age, starting in our 30’s. Andropause is not optimal health.

Because testosterone can be converted enzymatically to estradiol by the activity of the enzyme aromatase, estradiol excess can be the very cause of low testosterone levels in men. The most common signs and symptoms of estrogen excess in men include:

  • Sexual dysfunction (low libido, decreased morning erections, decreased erectile function)

  • Enlarged breasts

  • Increased abdominal fat

  • Loss of lean muscleMoodiness such as sadness, worry, despair

  • Easy fatigue

  • Urinary tract symptoms associated due to an enlarged prostate

  • Type 2 diabetes

Why estrogen builds up in men

First off, cholesterol is the parent molecule in sex hormone metabolism. After several metabolic changes, cholesterol eventually becomes testosterone. I don’t know of any man who naturally has too much testosterone (and who complains about it), I know many patients with low testosterone.

In addition to genetic predisposition, there are a few reasons why testosterone conversion to estradiol is increased: