7 alternatives to statins to lower heart disease risk

If you were among those prescribed a statin prescription by your doctor, you may not have been given safer effective alternatives to help prevent cardiovascular disease. Let me share those with you here.

First eliminate the more dangerous risk factors

Let’s put the risk factors for heart disease into proper perspective. Before you even consider worrying about your cholesterol levels, first eliminate the risk factors that are the more dangerous. These include:

  • persistent uncontrolled hypertension

  • uncontrolled diabetes mellitus

  • tobacco smoking

  • excessive visceral adipose tissue (VAT), a.k.a. belly fat

Each one of these play a direct role to worsen endothelial damage (where atherosclerosis begins) and makes cholesterol become oxidized (sticky). When not oxidized, cholesterol is a very important and valuable substance in your body.

Lower your heart disease risk without taking a statin drug

There are yet other pieces of the heart disease risk-reduction puzzle to consider before taking a statin drug. Let’s look now at 7 better-than-statin interventions. First, there are nutrient-rich foods. This alone is far more powerful than any statin drug will ever be.

Nutrient rich foods

You may remember that 17 year-long observational study[i] of 10,771 healthy subjects that was reported in 1996 British Medical Journal. Researchers found that those who reported consuming vegetarianism, whole grain bread, bran cereal, nuts or dried fruit, fresh fruit and raw salad routinely had half the age-matched death rate from all causes compared to the general population. In particular, the daily consumption of fresh fruit was associ