Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup


Wake Up With Makeup

Girls love attractive clothes, healthy hair, and elegant manners. Likewise, we strive for the natural beauty of our face, and to hide imperfections. This can be done with permanent makeup! With permanent makeup you'll reliably enjoy a beautiful fresh look at all times of the day--and with minimal to no effort. What's more, permanent makeup does not run or smear--ever--so you don't have to even look once in the mirror with the intention to fix it.

Permanent makeup is an office procedure giving a long-term effect. Pigments are injected into the surface layers of your skin, using a special device. This will emphasize, change, or correct your facial features. It can even eliminate any existing asymmetry. The procedure is painless, bloodless, and does not leave scars--even when repeated.

Permanent Makeup


PRICE $499 - touch up included

​​​​​​​Did you know that your eyebrows give up to 80% of your facial beauty and attractiveness? Quite commonly, eyebrows become uneven, thinner, or balding in certain areas. All of these imperfections will be corrected with permanent makeup. Moreover, your eyebrow shade can become so light that they are almost invisible.

What's more, eyebrow fashion can change over time. If once upon a time you plucked your eyebrows to the shape of a thin thread because you were influenced by a fashion trend, or shaved them regularly to draw eyebrows with a pencil, permanent makeup will be your ideal solution.

All these problems are solved by a skilled permanent makeup master technician in just one visit. You can expect to see a new harmonious eyebrow shape, with a desired thickness, and a pigmented shade close to your natural color. You can choose the powder technique. Or choose between Microblading or Nanoblading (both give a hair-stroke appearance).


PRICE $499 - touch up included

If you have thin or light eyelashes, the master technician will recommend doing an “inter-eyelash” eyeliner. This creates a thin arrow-like liner appearance with little or no shading. This gives a certain contour that makes eyelashes appear thicker and more expressive. The master technician can also use different eyeliner tattoo styles to visually make your eyes appear larger and more spectacular.

If you wear contact lenses, you may have found it difficult to choose cosmetics that do not cause an allergic reaction. However, after permanent eyeliner, such a problem will be eliminated.

If you have difficulty seeing clearly to be able to draw a clear eyeliner arrow daily, permanent makeup will eliminate this problem as well.

Additionally, permanent makeup eliminates the need to use decorative cosmetics that have particles known to promote wrinkles.


PRICE $600 - touch up included

After Angelina Jolie and others introduced the lip blush technique, all the girls began to crave this look. You don't necessarily need to have hyaluronic acid (HA) filler injected to have amazing lips. With a lip blush or the lipstick look, you can fix asymmetrical lips, color your lips, and make them look plumper and beautiful. Permanent lip makeup is a great addition to lips that have lost color after filler injection.

The experienced master technician knows several techniques for applying pigment and will offer options to choose from. Some permanent makeup techniques allow you to make your lips visually fuller. Others focus on the color of your lips to create a juicy shade. You can always look perfect - at breakfast, on the beach, or at a party. If you want a temporary change, you can use gloss or lipstick to create a contrasting look.

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