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What are Nanobrows?
Nanobrows refers to a specialized form of microblading using a unique precision digital device. Like regular microblading, nanobrows is a semi-permanent procedure in which pigment is embedded beneath the skin to create the illusion of strategically placed hair strokes for fuller and enhanced eyebrows.
What is the difference between Microblading and Nanobrows?
The use of a precision digital device used in nanobrows results in a much gentler procedure compared to microblading. The microblading tool is slightly more rigid, whereas the single nanoneedle is ultra-fine and flexible. This allows for maximum precision and a more even distribution. This is more comfortable and reduces the need for additional treatments. The nanoneedle digital device also allows for more creativity and much more intricate patterns to better customize each brow design.
How do Nanobrows work?
A series of strategically placed device strokes mimic the true diameter and dimension of real hair. The pigment is then dispensed gradually into the skin to create flawless and natural hair strokes.
Is there a reason why I should choose Nanbrows over Microblading?
We recommend each service based on skin type and skin history. Although both processes yield a similar visual result, nanoblading causes little to no trauma to the skin. This means faster healing time and a higher probability of definitive strokes. 
With microblading, your skin type can play a role in the finished product. Also, dry and normal skin types often yield a crisp finish, but oily skin types can sometimes heal softer. In contrast, nanobrows will heal to a crisper finish as long as proper aftercare is done as instructed. If you’ve previously had your eyebrows microbladed, nanobrows may also better retain pigment and shape. That's because as your skin is reworked through multiple microblading treatments it becomes more difficult to retain the pigment. Therefore, nanobrows serves as a solution for this as it embeds the pigment with a digital device and allows for a deeper placement without causing damage to the skin.
Do Nanobrows hurt?
Discomfort is minimal because two (2) numbing creams are used at different stages to insure a near-painless procedure.
Do Nanobrows affect the existing hair?
Nanobrows do not affect the existing hair. It actually has the opposite effect and can aid in the stimulation of hair growth. The needle penetrates into the skin layer where dormant follicles and collagen reside.
Do different skin types react differently to Nanobrows?
Although results are unique to each client, nanobrows produces the most consistent outcome as it yields fine, crisp healed results regardless of skin type. If you have oily, sensitive, thicker, acne-prone skin or have tried microblading and have not had great retention, then nanobrows is an excellent alternative to microblading. The longevity of nanobrows can vary and is attributed to a number of factors including skin type, aftercare, and post-treatment environmental exposure.
Are there any reasons why I may be ineligible for Nanobrows?
The following are considered contraindications or exclusions from nanobrows: 
  • Less than 18 years of age
  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Chemotherapy
Previously tattooed eyebrows by another artist or male clients do require a visual consultation via email before we allow you to book an appointment. This is to clarify your expectations and ensure optimal results. 
How long do Nanobrows last?
Nanobrows 24 to 36 months when proper technique is applied. Longevity is dependent on skin type and lifestyle. Contributing factors to successful results include: machine experience, hand movement and technique, pigment implantation technique, depth, and chosen pigments. We can not guarantee specific results.
Initial Nanoblading appointment and Follow-up Appointment at 4-6 weeks is $550

Nanoblading Maintenance Appointments​ $300
  • Nanoblading procedure normally requires multiple treatment sessions. For best results, clients will be required to return for at least one re-touch appointment. This will take place 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure. Those with oily skin may require an additional touch up. Please be aware that color intensity will be significantly darker and sharper immediately and a few days after the initial procedure, but the color will reduce by 30-50%.
  • Although numbing cream is used during the procedure, sensitivity or discomfort may still be felt. Skin may be red and/or swollen after the procedure.
  • Please wear your normal make up on the day of your procedure.
  • Please do not drink alcohol 24 hours prior to the treatment.
  • Please do not shape or wax your brows before the procedure. Your technician will shape brows during the procedure.
  • No electrolysis for at least 5 days before the procedure.
  • Botox, AHA products and retinoids should be avoided for 2 weeks prior to the procedure.
  • Exfoliating treatments such as microdermabrasion should not be performed within 2 weeks prior to procedure.
  • Chemical and laser peels should be avoided no less than 6 weeks prior to procedure.
  • Patients prone to cold sores/fever blisters should take an anti-viral prior to treatment.
  • Hormone therapies can affect pigmentation and/or cause sensitivity.
  • Discontinue use of any brow-growth serums like Latisse, as it can cause sensitivity / affect pigment.


  • Advanced liver disease, high risk of infection, pregnancy or nursing, damaged/compromised skin near brow area, chemotherapy/radiation currently, skin conditions like psoriasis or any dermatitis near the brow area. The following medical conditions may require special attention regarding healing: Diabetes Mellitus (type 1 and 2), high blood pressure, auto-immune diseases that are not controlled, or any other medical condition that may impair healing or be a higher risk of infection.

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