Microneedling is an effective form of collagen induction therapy.  Microneedling serums or PRP builds collagen.  It does so as it reduces scarring, minimizes pores, improves wrinkles and fine lines, and lightens hyperpigmentation. 

The most effective microneedling is when your own blood PRP (platelet rich plasma) is used.  Here's how it works. Ten ml (1 vial) of your blood is drawn, centrifuged, and the platelet rich and fibrin rich portion of the blood plasma is retrieved for treatment by injection. Platelets and growth factors from your own blood stimulate a stem cell response; stem cells grow new tissue where it is injected.  PRP also stimulates collagen and blood vessels. Since PRP is taken from your own blood, there is no risk for allergic reaction or rejection.

At SDIM & Spa, we use a highly effective serum from ProCell. Let me describe in more detail what the ProCell serums are and do.
Bone marrow multipotent stem cells (BM-MSCs) migrate from the bone marrow to all parts of the body via the blood stream. When they encounter injury, they locally secrete cytokines and growth factors (bio-signals) that stimulate and direct the behavior of other cells called fibroblasts, white blood cells, and melanocytes (pigment cells).
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ProCell products are scientifically advanced and highly effective in rejuvenating and improving the appearance of aging skin. They are formulated using only active ingredients with abundant scientific proof of efficacy and safety. Their hero ingredient is conditioned media from laboratory culture of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSC.) From conception until death, these are the cells that function as “command and control” of the healing process in all injured tissues including the skin.
Advanced proprietary techniques are used to culture these cells in the laboratory in order to harvest their potent bio-signals. This is explained below. When applied to the skin, the effect is as if the body’s clock was turned back to a younger period when more BM-MSCs existed. Only the bio-signals from the culturing cells (BM-MSCs) are used in ProCell products. There are no cells or cell remnants.
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The human mesenchymal (pluripotent) stem cells are taken from an initial draw of bone marrow from genetically & health screened athletes at the university where Dr. Sanderson & Taylor were on staff in California. The cells are transported to an FDA-compliant manufacturing facility and isolated via centrifuge to be purified from other material (DNA, blood, cells). They are then cultured and maintained in the lab, from which the full spectrum of human cytokines and growth factors is produced.
ProCell MD Serum Microneedling Solution contains:
  • Cytokines from bone marrow-derived multipotent stem cells
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Recombinant tissue growth factor (TGF-β3) to reduce inflammatory response
  • Physiologic naturally occurring ingredients normally found in skin
 Michael Cutler, M.D.
The pictures below clarify the value of ProCell MD serum further.
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