To lose weight slowly but surely—and not rebound within 3-6 months—is the most reliable method. By “permanent” weight loss, you will lose weight and be able to keep it off without tremendous struggle or starvation dieting. If you are seeking effective, relatively inexpensive ways to lose weight, see Dr. Cutler in consultation.
In your first consultation Dr. Cutler will need to discover the following:
  • Your experience with diets, exercise,
  • Your past medical history. This includes your medical conditions and hormone imbalances contributing to weight gain, and any medications, xenobiotics, or any other condition blocking your ability to lose weight.
  • Any previous abnormal lab test results; what lab tests are needed
  • What supplements and/or medications you have used previously and how well they worked
  • How much time you are prepared to devote each day to weight loss, including food preparation and exercise
  • How motivated you are to lose weight
  • What has stopped you from losing weight until now: thoughts, emotions, social factors.
Then you will discuss key weight loss approaches available today including their benefits and drawbacks.
These are:
  • Proper weight loss mind-set (and any contributing emotional factors)
  • Liver and bile system cleansing, liquid cleansing
  • Hormone balancing
  • Nutrient-rich nutrition: how to enjoy implementing this into your life
  • Supplements pills and injections (e.g. MIC + B 12) to promote weight loss
  • Prescription pills to promote weight loss
  • The hCG weight loss method

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